New Orleans Saints: 3 Players to avoid in 2020 NFL free agency

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Dallas Cowboys

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3. Amari Cooper, WR

Offensively, the Saints are set for the most part. They do have a few issues but none that can’t be worked out pretty smoothly. If there is a single major need for them, it’s another wide receiver to complement Michael Thomas.

Thomas had a record-breaking, award-winning season in 2019 and looks to do even more in 2020. With Thomas already the superstar on the roster, then there really isn’t room for someone that will demand the payday and offensive attention that Amari Cooper will.

Cooper is one of the top wide receiver free agents, if not the top. After being traded to the Dallas Cowboys from the then-Oakland Raiders, Cooper had a career rejuvenation. Since then, he’s been looking more and more like a hot commodity.

That’s why the New Orleans Saints should stay away from him as it looks like the Cowboys might re-sign him or another team will vastly overpay him. While Cooper is a good player, he’s not going to jive with Thomas as there isn’t room for two alphas in the pass-catching hierarchy.

Signing Cooper could possibly create another situation similar to Thomas and Brandin Cooks. While the Saints do need a solid partner for Thomas, Cooper isn’t the way to go. Rather, they should go for someone at a bit more of a bargain or try to find someone during the draft.

Considering the plethora of receivers available, the Saints should have no problem finding someone else and avoiding a Cooper conversation completely.

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