Las Vegas Raiders: Tom Brady a short-sighted answer in long-term project

Las Vegas Raiders, NFL Draft (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Las Vegas Raiders, NFL Draft (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

With Tom Brady entering free agency, the Las Vegas Raiders are poised to make a move on the future Hall of Fame quarterback — but is it the right move?

The now-Las Vegas Raiders finished their 2019 season in disappointment, now it seems that they’re willing to bet the house on bringing in Tom Brady to help propel them to becoming championship caliber. Some fans and experts have supported the idea with the thought that bringing in Brady will help instill a “winning culture” in the organization.

However, it’s also an idea that can backfire and bite the Raiders relatively quickly. Granted, the quarterback position needs to be addressed by the Raiders. Derek Carr won’t cut it short term or long term. His consistency and health have been put into question year after year and, even if the Raiders can’t land Brady, they’ll likely be moving on from Carr before the 2020 season starts.

The Raiders seem eager to see results immediately, which is why they’re considering spending over $30 million to bring Brady to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones competing for the services of No. 12.

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The Los Angeles Chargers appear inclined to make an offer to Brady as well after parting ways with Philip Rivers. And, of course, New England still doesn’t seem to like the idea of Brady playing anywhere else.

This becomes a problem for Las Vegas because they’ll have to offer a very hefty contract to Brady in order to land him. It’s been reported already that the Raiders could be willing to offer the veteran and future Hall-of-Famer a two-year, $60 million contract — which is outlandish.

If you were offered to bet all your money that the Las Vegas Raiders, with their lackluster receiving corps and abysmal secondary, would win a Super Bowl in two years with Tom Brady at quarterback, I doubt you’d take the action.

To be sure, this isn’t to say the Raiders aren’t capable of entering a window where they can win a Super Bowl. They have a strong core of young, talented players that can be improved upon in the 2020 offseason. However, signing Brady seems counterproductive to what they have been doing.

Signing Brady is a move made with a short-sighted lens. A team like the Raiders needs more than two years to be in Super Bowl contention. Although Brady would more than likely play well, his age offers little security for the investment the silver and black would be making.

The notion of Brady joining the Raiders kindles thoughts of Brett Favre joining the New York Jets in the twilight of his career. Favre was still playing relatively well — albeit while throwing one interception after another — but the Jets finished only third in the AFC East at 9-7. New York made a similar investment and the desired results didn’t come to fruition.

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If the Raiders plan to move on from Derek Carr at quarterback, Las Vegas shouldn’t do so with what would be a quick fix in Brady. Find the right, young guy with more NFL future ahead and pounce when the time and opportunity are right. In the meantime, put more weapons around Carr and establish a stronger secondary. There’s no need to rush the process.