Tennessee Titans: 5 Speedy wide receivers to potentially add

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What speedy wide receivers could the Tennessee Titans add to make the offense faster?

The Tennessee Titans have made it a priority to get faster this offseason. From the speed makeover on the defensive front with additions such as Vic Beasley Jr. and Jack Crawford to the selections of players like Darrynton Evans and Kristian Fulton, general manager Jon Robinson is close to accomplishing what he set out to do.

The only position group that could stand to get faster are the wide receivers. Although certainly talented, the top receivers on the Titans don’t necessarily possess the pure speed that keeps opposing defensive coordinators up at night.

A.J. Brown is a fantastic all-around receiver and a budding superstar while Adam Humphries is one of the NFL’s best underneath slot receivers. Corey Davis is a big target who has developed into a nice route runner who also plays until the “end of the whistle”. Watch any long Titans’ touchdown and Davis is likely down the field blocking. However, none of them really bring that speed dynamic to the offense.

Kalif Raymond came up big in the team’s Divisional Round game against the Baltimore Ravens and has displayed solid hands, toughness and the speed dynamic I’ve been rambling about. But it just isn’t feasible to hand a roster spot to Raymond based off of the few solid games. Competition is needed, whether it’s via trade or the remaining pool of free agents.

It also needs to be mentioned, the Titans recently declined the fifth-year option of Davis. A former top-five pick, Davis hasn’t necessarily produced to warrant where he was selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. Although the Western Michigan product has been relatively solid, he certainly isn’t worth the massive cap hit his option year would be worth. His contract coming up affords the Titans to add a veteran and not just a one-year rental.

A speed influx is needed at the position, so let’s see which five speedy pass-catchers the Tennessee Titans could potentially add for the 2020 season.