Predicting the entire 2020 NFL season before training camp

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2020 NFL predictions

Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

NFC East predictions for the 2020 NFL season

Dallas Cowboys* – 11-5
Philadelphia Eagles -10-6
New York Giants – 5-11
Washington Football Team – 3-13

Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone but the NFC East is likely going to be a two-horse race in the 2020 NFL season. And those two horses, of course, are the two teams that have been battling it out for the division crown over the past two years, the rival Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

Both teams have noted strengths. For the Cowboys, it’s an offense led by a motivated Dak Prescott that is bursting with weapons. With the Eagles, it’s a defensive line that can attack absolutely anyone. Yet, both teams have glaring flaws. Both clubs have questions about the secondary group while Philadelphia has questions about pass-catchers and some injuries already on the offensive line.

For me, there are just more questions about the Eagles, which gives the Cowboys the edge to win the division. It’s honestly just bad luck that Philadelphia wins 10 games in this prediction and doesn’t make the playoffs.

At the bottom of the division, the Giants should be slightly better but, until they fix their defense, the ceiling is defined in my book. The Washington Football Team is still quite a bit away from competing with the better teams in the league and, while a defensive front and some sporadic offensive fireworks will lead to some wins, the victories will be few and far between.

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