San Francisco 49ers not slowing down despite long list of injuries

A multitude of injuries has yet to slow the San Francisco 49ers down.

In recent years, a team that loses the Super Bowl, such as the San Francisco 49ers, tend to experience a “Super Bowl hangover”. Though their record is 2-1, the reigning NFC Champions have been hit with a slew of injuries over the last two weeks and have managed to come away with victories at the same stadium against two teams that share the same venue.

San Francisco’s victories over the New York Giants and New York Jets with a vast majority of their starters out of the lineup has not only highlighted their resilience but is also a testament to their coaching staff

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has put the team in such a place that a hangover doesn’t seem to be a heavy burden as the record is fine though the players are not. In a season where players have opted out or been placed on reserve due to COVID-19, the only issue San Francisco has had to deal with were injuries, although some more significant than others.

Still, their depth is impeccable, regardless of who their competition is. If they could beat the Giants with essentially their second-string team by 27 points, what would have the score difference have been if the 49ers have been playing with full strength?

The 49ers’ resolve resembles the mentality of general manager John Lynch.

John Lynch’s clever drafting and building the roster to resemble his championship days in Tampa Bay are what is allowing the 49ers to have a sustained level of success despite their lack of starting players.

Since taking over as the general manager, a vast majority of picks have been spent in the trenches and depth for the trenches while adding versatility to other positions. With Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas out, the team signed Ezekiel Ansah to add back some depth and experience while also boosting the overall strength on the defensive line

Heading into Sunday night’s Week 4 matchup against Philadelphia, who is also injury-depleted, the 49ers still look strong. Though they may not be at full strength in terms of their depth chart, their heart meanwhile is loaded and ready.

Shanahan has now learned that he and his players should never take their foot off the gas after the Super Bowl loss. Plus their general manager showed that they should never do it, so why would they dismiss it now?