Tampa Bay Buccaneers show resolve in comeback win

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed necessary fight in their comeback win.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their third game of the 2020 NFL season on Sunday when they beat the Los Angeles Chargers, 38-31. Despite what you might have thought of heading into the game, this win was far from easy, but it might wind up becoming one of the most important games and wins for the team this season.

This was a game in which the Buccaneers played poorly in the first half, but stormed back in the second half. Also, the team saw Tom Brady have his best game of the season and throw for five touchdowns. There was a lot the team can build on with the win.

The Buccaneers faced a lot of adversity during Sunday’s game including a 17-point deficit. The comeback tied for the second-most in franchise history, and it also showed the team that they can pick themselves up even when things aren’t going right. The game was more than just the comeback.

It gave the team a glimpse of what they can be when everything is clicking. It also gave them a glimpse of how they can pick themselves up when they have fallen on their face. The win also gave the team its first 3-1 start since 2011 and also kept them in first place in the NFC South.

Resolve will be critical for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to reach the heights they want to.

Despite a rough first half, the team came out in the second half and played a much different game. Tom Brady was a different quarterback in the second half and he opened up the offense with continuous throws down the field for long gains to his tight ends and receivers.

This was the best Brady has looked with the team and the downfield passing success is something for him and the team to build on going forward. The momentum he will carry into the next game should not be underestimated.

Mike Evans battled an ankle injury all game and even rebounded from a horrible unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to consistently get open throughout the entire second half. Despite limping noticeably between plays and on the sidelines, Evans could not seem to be covered by the Chargers secondary in the second half.

Previously, Evans may have checked out of Sunday’s game. Evans knew his quarterback and his team needed him so he played through pain and found ways to compensate for a lack of explosion.

The Buccaneers defensive unit had been carrying the offense in previous weeks when the offense was scuffling. On Sunday, the defense struggled to contain Justin Herbert from making big plays down the field.

However, when it mattered the most, the defense did not waiver and made a big three and out and also forced an interception on Herbert’s last possession. Although they did not dominate, the defense picked up their play in the second half, and they held strong when it came to closing the game out.

Sunday’s game showed a different type of character from the Buccaneers and their players. They struggled through the first half but didn’t quit. Tom Brady’s presence definitely played into the comeback, but the confidence out of their young players also is making a difference. Even coach Bruce Arians saw the difference yesterday.

When asked what the difference was between the first half and second half Arians responded via 98 Rock:

I can honestly say had this been last year, we’d have gotten our [butts] beat by 20 [points]. This team has a ton of character and playmakers.

The sky may be the limit for the Buccaneers after a win in which things did not come easy and they were forced to respond from adversity. Rather than giving up and mentally checking out to get ready for Thursday night’s game, they fought and raised their game for a big comeback win.