FanDuel NFL picks, Week 6: Best DFS fantasy football lineup

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FanDuel NFL picks Week 6

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

FanDuel NFL picks and lineup advice for Week 6 DFS fantasy football.

As we get deeper into the 2020 NFL season and deeper into bye weeks, you may be looking for alternative ways to enjoy football every Sunday. Whether you are a Jets, Giants or Falcons fan looking for a way out, or a Raiders, Chargers, Seahawks or Saints fan with your team on bye, DFS fantasy football on FanDuel is a great way to enjoy football while making some extra money as well.

In Week 6, DFS players are going to have to dig a little deeper than usual for the main slate competitions, as fantasy powerhouses like the Cardinals, Cowboys, Chiefs, Bills and Rams will all be unavailable on the FanDuel main slate. Especially at the quarterback and tight end position, you are not going to have the high end options that you normally would.

When talking about players I will reference the salaries and salary cap of a typical FanDuel tournament. I will also show a complete tournament lineup, which consists of nine positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, DEF. The players referenced will all be from the main Sunday game slate.

Without further ado, here are FanDuel NFL DFS picks for Week 6 of the 2020 season.

FanDuel NFL Week 6 Picks and Advice: Quarterback

The quarterback position is incredibly scarce this week with Russell Wilson on bye and Mahomes, Murray and Allen not in the main slate. After Lamar Jackson ($9,000), there is a pretty big tier break.

If you have a strong dart throw in mind, feel free to spend up on Jackson, consider pairing him with Mark Andrews, who sees a similar situation to Jackson but at the tight end position. If not, there is plenty of mid-range quarterbacks with tasty matchups that you can’t go wrong with.

Matthew Stafford ($7,300), Ryan Tannehill ($7,300), and Kirk Cousins ($7,100) are all examples of this. Ryan Fitzpatrick at $7,400 is also a great pick, as he is QB7 on the year and gets a matchup with a depressing Jets team. You also can not go wrong with Ben Roethlisberger ($7,600) against the Browns as he’s been one of the most consistent fantasy quarterbacks on the year and should be a lock for 250+ yards and 2+ touchdowns.

While I think you can make a case for most quarterbacks this week, I would personally stay away from Aaron Rodgers ($8,400) and Tom Brady ($7,500) as this game could certainly hit the under with both of these team’s strong defenses.

If you want to completely punt the position, Daniel Jones ($6,700) has a favorable matchup, but with guys like Cousins and Stafford only a few hundred dollars more, I would not advise it.

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