New York Jets: Adam Gase proved he’s not head coach material

After just two seasons, Adam Gase is out as the head coach of the New York Jets.

No one is shocked that the Adam Gase hire blew up in the New York Jets‘ faces and now hopefully the other 30 NFL teams who haven’t had Gase as their head coach learned he’s not suited for a head coaching role. This isn’t to say that Gase won’t land another job but he’s had five years to prove he can coach a team and he’s shown that isn’t his strength.

Gase first rose to fame when he was the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos when Peyton Manning was playing there. Manning had one of his best seasons ever with Gase as his offensive coordinator in 2013 and spent 2014 there as well before working with John Fox and the Bears in 2015.

He continued to climb the potential coaches ranks and was hired by the Miami Dolphins in 2016, which was his first head coaching job. Gase did help lead the Dolphins to a playoff berth that year after they went 10-6 and he did it despite injuries at the quarterback position. This was a good start for Gase as a head coach, but unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.

The Dolphins went 13-19 in Gase’s next two seasons and that led to the Dolphins firing him at the conclusion of the 2018 season. He went 23-25 in three years with the Dolphins, so it was surprising when the Jets decided to pounce on him so quickly after he had struggled in South Beach. Sure enough, Gase became the next head coach of the New York Jets and we all know it didn’t go well.

The Jets had talent when Gase arrived and after trading for Le’Veon Bell, it seemed like the offense might be sneaky good in 2019. While the 2019 team wasn’t a dumpster fire like the 2020 team was, they finished 7-9 and didn’t exceed expectations at all. They did finish on a two-game winning streak, however, which saved Gase from being fired after just one season.

Despite ending 2019 on a strong note, 2020 started off miserably for Gase and his Jets. Not only did they begin the season 0-13, but they were getting embarrassed in those losses. In their first 13 losses, the Jets were beaten by double digits in eight of them and got shut out completely in one.

2020 was not kind to Adam Gase or the New York Jets.

While Gase’s job is to go out there and win as many games as possible, Jets fans might have been able to forgive him if he had led the team to an 0-16 record because then they’d have landed Trevor Lawrence in the draft. Gase knew he wouldn’t be a part of Lawrence’s tenure, so he was obviously coaching hard and two wins came as a result.

The Jets finished 2-14 and while they were atrocious, they weren’t atrocious enough to land the No. 1 overall pick. Gase was fired on Monday morning and he’s now had four bad seasons as a head coach, which should be enough evidence that he’s unfit to be a head coach in the NFL.

Gase still has potential as an offensive coordinator, which is where he got his start. Maybe he can become similar to Josh McDaniels, where he coached for a few years, it didn’t work out, and then he grows comfortable in an offensive coordinator position while occasionally getting interest as a head coach. He’s definitely at his best in this role and not when he’s in a position of power, as we saw with the Bell situation earlier this season.…17-vs-buccaneers/

The Jets made a mistake in hiring Gase and now the rest of the league should know to stay far away from him when considering who to hire as a head coach.