Chicago Bears: 5 Thoughts on big victory over Las Vegas Raiders

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Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears
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3. Khalil Mack wanted to have a big game and he did that

Linebacker Khalil Mack wanted to have a big day against his former mates. The Raiders traded him away just before the 2018 season because of a contract dispute.

Mack faced the Raiders in 2019. The Bears led the game throughout but the Raiders made a fourth-quarter comeback to win the game. The Raiders made a concerted effort to not let Mack beat them. They sent multiple bodies his way. Also, at that time the Raiders had an elite offensive line. Mack couldn’t be his destructive self.

Sunday was different, however. The Raiders no longer have an elite offensive line. They’ve had their struggles this season. Mack has Robert Quinn, who is having a big season, taking some attention. Because of that, Mack was able to wreak havoc throughout the entire game.

Mack had 8 tackles (one for loss), a sack, and a quarterback hit. He found himself constantly in the Raiders backfield. Carr had to always try to avoid Mack on most snaps.

Mack also had a big hit on a Raiders two-point conversion attempt. If the Raiders were successful, they’d be just three points down and in need of just a field goal. Instead, the game plan had to be adjusted with a Bears’ five-point lead.

Mack wanted to have an impact on this game. He didn’t have one the first time he faced the Raiders and that stuck to him. Head coach Matt Nagy admitted as such after the game.

"I don’t care what anybody says, you remember that. ‘[Mack] was part of that, and he understands that. I think all of our guys . . . it’s the mindset of making sure our guys know that we weren’t coming in here to play; this was going to be a fight. He knew that. And so Khalil’s in a leadership role to make sure other guys see how he plays in this moment."

Mack wanted to lead the team to victory and he did just that. Tormenting his former teammates was a bonus.