New York Jets face mountainous task in replacing Mekhi Becton

New York Jets, Mekhi Becton (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
New York Jets, Mekhi Becton (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

With left tackle Mekhi Becton out for the season, the New York Jets have the arduous and mountainous task of replacing him on the offensive line.

No pun intended, but the New York Jets have a gigantic problem on their offensive line, specifically replacing left tackle Mekhi Becton. The organization did make a move in an effort to plug the hole, signing veteran Duane Brown to a two-year deal per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Still, it’s merely a stopgap despite the resume that Brown comes in with. Furthermore, it raises questions about Becton’s health in general. When on the field, Becton is very effective and provides a tall and calm presence for quarterback Zach Wilson.

Now he is out, and given the severity of his injury, it’s hard to envision how effective he will be if and when he returns to the team, which begs the question of what the Jets will do at that position.

The loss of Mekhi Becton leaves a massive hole on the left side of the New York Jets’ offensive line.

Since being drafted 11th overall back in 2020, Becton, a standout left tackle at Highland Springs in Virginia and Louisville, is one of the NFL’s biggest protectors. Additionally, his size and lower body quickness have enabled him to masquerade some concerns about his weight when playing left tackle.

At 6’7″ 367 pounds, Becton’s weight gives cause to pause, and now, because of the knee injury, it raises even more questions. Just how effective is he going to be when he comes back? Knee injuries to bigger players, specifically offensive and defensive linemen, take longer to heal. Though the procedures may go well, not everyone is as good or even better than before the surgery, despite a few exceptions.

Nonetheless, everyone wishes Mekhi Becton a speedy recovery and hopes he can be back on the field sooner than later, but it’s a massive loss. It raises enormous questions about durability, and with Zach Wilson hoping to show that he can be the guy for the team, the last thing the Jets need is for him to be on his back because of a lack of protection in front of him.