NFL Week 2: Three best bets to make on kickoff Sunday

NFL Week 2, Russell Wilson, Broncos. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
NFL Week 2, Russell Wilson, Broncos. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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Welcome back to another article where we cover some of my favorite sports bets you can make each week on NFL games. Last week we went 2-1 on our bets, with the Ravens and Eagles coming through but Kamara falling short of his yardage total. However, since I put two units on the Ravens spread we managed to profit 1.9 units total. It was a fun week both to watch and to bet on, as there were plenty of upsets, great storylines, and games coming down to the wire.

In this article, I will highlight three of my favorite bets that you can make on Week 2 games, with two being team totals and one being a player prop. However, I will also mention any additional bets I made on those games along with their respective unit size.

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Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images /

The Broncos’ offense should find its stride after an unlucky Week 1 against the Houston Texans in Week 2

Pick Analysis. 2.2u to win 2u. Broncos Team Total Over 28 -110 . player. 45. Scouting Report. . 1

  • Not impressed by Texans Week 1 tie
  • Broncos dismantled Seahawks, awarded a loss
  • Texans play with pace and feisty, want to avoid the spread

At first glance, it may seem disrespectful to make the Denver Broncos 10-point favorites over the Houston Texans after they lost in Seattle and the Texans managed to fight with Indianapolis for a tie, but further dissection of the Week 1 box scores reveals that this line is more than justified. The Broncos were set up for failure in Week 1, and even though they were the much better team on paper they fell to the Seahawks in what will be Pete Caroll’s most remembered win of the year.

Nathaniel Hackett made some questionable decisions in his debut, but overall the Broncos looked solid on both sides of the ball and would have easily walked away with a win if it were not for two goal-line fumbles. What’s more, they actually outgained the Seahawks 433 to 253 yards and averaged the fourth-highest EPA per play across the NFL.

On the other hand, it could certainly be argued that the Colts did more to lose their Week 1 match than the Texans did to win it, with the eventual battle of mediocrity ending in a tie. The Colts ran their same bland style of offense focused around Jonathan Taylor, but lacked any big plays in the passing game. Meanwhile, the Texans pushed the pace despite playing with a lead most of the game, ultimately leading to the Colts’ comeback.

While I do lean to the Broncos spread as I think Russell Wilson gets cooking in his home debut, I think this game better sets up for a team total prop, since I want to bet on this Denver offense and I believe the pace of the game will lead to plenty of points and the Texans can be a feisty opponent. With that being said, my favorite bet of the week is the Broncos team total over 28 points.

Additional Bets: 

Courtland Sutton o54.5 Rec Yards -110

Sutton ATTS +150

Javonte Williams ATTS +100