NFL Week 3: Three best bets to make on kickoff Sunday

NFL Week 3, Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals - Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images
NFL Week 3, Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals - Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images /
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Welcome back to another article where we cover some of my favorite sports bets you can make each week on NFL games. Last week we unfortunately went 1-2 on our bets, with the Broncos letting us down and Derek Carr failing to top 280 passing yards after an incredibly strong first half.  Despite overall profiting in Week 2, this subpar performance brings my 2022 total to 3-3, which won’t cut it for the season. However, there are some spots in Week 3 that I believe will get us back on track.

In this article, I will highlight three of my favorite bets that you can make on NFL Week 3 games, with two being player props and one being a spread. However, I will also mention any additional bets I made on those games along with their respective unit size.

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NFL, Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow /

Joe Burrow and the Bengals will get off to a quick start in Week 3 against the Jets.

Pick Analysis. 2.2u to win 2u. Bengals 1H -3 vs Jets -110 . player. 56. Scouting Report. . 1

  • Great buy low spot for Bengals
  • Jets start slow
  • Big step down in D-line for Bengals offense

The Bengals and Jets could not have had two more different Week 2s, with the Jets securing a come-from-behind victory against the Browns and the Bengals falling to 0-2 facing a Cowboys team without Dak Prescott. While some may view this as the end of the road for the Bengals, I view it as a perfect spot to buy in on a Super Bowl team from a year ago. The Bengals’ offense has looked subpar, with their offensive line troubles coming back into question. However, they have faced two tough defenses to start the season and the Jets should be quite the step down from a Steelers team with TJ Watt and the Cowboys.

Looking a bit further into how the Jets have scored their points this season, they racked up plenty of garbage time yards in Week 1 against the Ravens and we all know what happened last week against the Browns. While I do like the Bengals to take care of business in the full game, my favorite lean is the first half spread. The Bengals should come out firing after realizing their season is essentially over if they lose to the Jets this week, and since we have seen low offensive output from the Jets through the first two weeks, I am more than happy to lay a field goal in the first half.

Additional Bets: 

Bengals -6