3 NFL teams that are built to beat the Buffalo Bills

NFL, Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills - Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images
NFL, Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills - Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images /
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Team #2 that can beat the Buffalo Bills: Kansas City Chiefs

The Reaper.

There is one nightmare in particular that haunts the Buffalo Bills and their fan base, Bills Mafia, from the 2021 season; the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs famously beat the Bills in a thrilling AFC playoff round in 2021 in overtime with a final score of 42-36. Mahomes led the Chiefs on a thrilling drive with 13 seconds left on the clock and down by three points with the help of tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Mahomes got within field goal range and one coin toss later they hit the end zone in overtime to punch their ticket to the AFC Championship.

The general headline throughout the media was that this loss terrorized the Bills during the offseason and is the driving factor in their “scorched earth” campaign that is the 2022 season. Whether that is the truth or not clearly the motivation has worked as the Bills are firing on all cylinders this season. The Chiefs aren’t looking too shabby themselves.

The Chiefs easily defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1 and with some defensive help defeated the dangerous Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2. While the Chiefs are without Tyreek Hill their offense has a healthy balance of playmakers, their run game appears to have improved, and they added several defensive impact players this offseason.

While Chiefs coach Andy Reid has proved he has the ability to out-coach Bills coach Sean McDermott the individual that can truly pick apart the Bills’ defense is Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes seized his opportunities to exploit the Bills’ defense in 2021 and his connection with Travis Kelce helped secure that mind-blowing win.

Are the Chiefs still up to take out the Bills in 2022? They are one of the few teams in the league that actually have a good chance. We will see if they can in Week 6 of the regular season.