3 NFL teams that are built to beat the Buffalo Bills

NFL, Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills - Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images
NFL, Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills - Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images /
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NFL Picks, Tom Brady, Buccaneers – Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images /

Team #1 that can beat the Buffalo Bills: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

While these two teams will not meet up during the regular season there is always a chance they meet at the 2022 Super Bowl. Tom Brady, while aging and not in peak form anymore, is one of the best quarterbacks suited to take on the Bills. Brady prides himself on film study and the ability to dissect a defense better than most.

The Buccaneers also fall under the category of a complimentary football team. Their defense generates an excellent amount of pressure with a series of playmakers on their defensive line and their secondary is constantly taking the ball away. Tom Brady and his offense, while currently without several stars — Mike Evans (suspension) Chris Godwin (injury) — are in sync on the field when they are together.

The Bills’ defense has a knack for disguising coverages and the if Brady can’t figure out how to crack that code I’m not sure who can (insert Aaron Rodgers?). Bucs coach Todd Bowles and his “assistant” former head coach Bruce Arians are always up to the task and Bowles has his own package of twists and stunts to confuse and disrupt a quarterback. We saw that exact scenario play out in the 2020 Super Bowl.

While this is the top team on this list to disrupt the Bills high-speed locomotive we won’t get this juicy matchup unless they meet in the Super Bowl. They did meet in the 2021 season and Brady won that bout. Let’s pray for a Buccaneers/Bills Super Bowl and see if this prediction stands.

There you have it, three teams that are best suited to take on the Buffalo Bills:

3.) Miami Dolphins

2.) Kansas City Chiefs

1.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Honorable Mention* Philadelphia Eagles