Washington Commanders nearly traded for Jimmy Garoppolo

Washington Commanders, Curtis Samuel (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Washington Commanders, Curtis Samuel (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

A report that was released on Sunday indicated that the Washington Commanders nearly traded for Jimmy Garoppolo, but shoulder surgery prevented it.  In what was a weird time for this information to come out, the full story now makes a ton of sense.

The Washington Commanders apparently overturned every stone this past offseason to try and find a legitimate quarterback.  Apparently, they almost had their new one in Jimmy Garoppolo.  It was clear that the team was going to shift to Trey Lance, so Garoppolo was indeed on the trade market.

Washington Commanders nearly pulled off a deal for Jimmy Garoppolo

However, his shoulder injury prevented many teams from making the deal.  The Commanders and San Francisco 49ers nearly had this deal done, but with Garoppolo opting to have shoulder surgery instead, the trade fell through.  It’s clear that they wanted Garoppolo to be able to immediately come in and begin practicing with his new teammates.

This was about to happen during this year’s scouting combine.  When Jimmy G decided to have surgery, that essentially took him out of the running to be Washington’s new quarterback.  Perhaps this was also done because Garoppolo didn’t want to play for the Commanders.

Depending on who you ask, they may not blame him.  Instead, the Commanders called up the Indianapolis Colts and traded for Carson Wentz instead.  I do find this entire situation a bit interesting because, in many ways, Wentz and Garoppolo are about as even as they come.

They both have things that they do better than the other.  Garoppolo has seen more postseason success, but Wentz has a significantly better arm.  Garoppolo seems to have some of those intangibles, but I’m not sure Wentz does.

Wentz has had significantly more passing production than Garoppolo.  You see, someone could go back and forth weighing the pros and cons of each player.  For Washington, they apparently thought that Garoppolo was a better option than Wentz.  I’m not sure the Washington Commanders would have had better success with Garoppolo than they have had with Wentz so far.