The New England Patriots own the New York Jets, plain and simple

Fourteen consecutive victories over the New York Jets. Safe to assume that the New England Patriots own Gang Green, and there isn’t much to debate.

Sure, the 10-3 victory on Sunday was a bit closer than expected, especially after the punt return for a touchdown that may have been a bit controversial with a block in the back not being called. Still, the reality is that the only Green the Jets are seeing at this point is their faces knowing that they can’t get over the red, white, and blue.

The last time the Jets won was 2015, and Bill Belichick made a rare blunder in letting Gang Green take the ball in overtime after winning the coin toss, and Ryan Fitzpatrick went down the field and hit Eric Decker for a six-yard score. Since then, Belichick’s bubs have been brash, brutal, and bully-balling the Jets at any chance.

The New England Patriots have beaten the New York Jets 14 consecutive times, and the mantra of “owning a team” applies perfectly.

The 1990s was the last time the Jets played a significant role in the “big boy role,” with an 11-9 record throughout the decade. Since then, including playoff matchups, the Patriots own a 37-11 record, including this recent run. Granted, there was the playoff game in 2010 where the Jets won after Rex Ryan’s “foot fetish” was made public. Regardless, the Patriots have owned the upper hand.

Some will attribute that to Belichick wanting to stick it to Gang Green after resigning as their HC, and some will attribute the presence of Tom Brady in the lineup. The reality is the Jets have not been able to get over the hump against this team. The ’60s and ’70s were certainly favorable to the Jets, as was the 90’s. The ’80s were in the Patriots’ favor, but it was relatively close.

Since the 2000s, it’s been more red, white, and blue than green. This recent trend has been all the more enjoyable for the Foxborough Faithful than Gang Green. It’s not going to change unless something is done about it. But unlike Aaron Rodgers, never once will you hear Patriots players scream to Jets fans that they own them, even though they do. At least the Jets can win in that regard.