2023 NFL Power Rankings, Training Camp: Packers plummet, Steelers stuck

2023 NFL Power Rankings
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NFL Power Rankings
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30. Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons made one of my favorite picks of the entire 2023 NFL Draft when they selected Bijan Robinson out of Texas. This is a team whose foundation is running the football, and they are now firmly committed to getting the ball to Bijan.

Although the Falcons have a variety of other weapons in the offense, the fate of this team in 2023 really rests on the right shoulder of one Desmond Ridder. Ridder took over the starting job late last season and has shown promise, but as a third-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Falcons certainly won’t be married to him for the future.

The addition of Ryan Nielsen and some of his old Saints buddies to this Falcons defense might be one of the most substantial upgrades this team made.

29. Green Bay Packers

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The Green Bay Packers could be plummeting into relative obscurity this season, which will be the first of the Jordan Love era for the team. Aaron Rodgers is off to New York, and the Packers’ coaching staff and front office are finally going to get to see what they’ve got in the former first-round pick out of Utah State.

It’s been a long time since we really discussed the “potential” that Jordan Love has. He’s been soaking in whatever he can from Aaron Rodgers over the last three years and now, entering his fourth NFL season, he’s finally going to. get to play some actual football.

How good can this Packers team be unless Love really breaks through?