2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 4

NFL picks (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
NFL picks (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /
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Week 3 of the 2023 NFL season was about as crazy as you will ever see. Not necessarily from the standpoint of every game being close, but because we literally saw things most NFL fans have never seen — and will probably never see again. And nobody could have ever predicted for NFL picks and predictions.

The Miami Dolphins scoring 70 points in an actual game? Was that real? Did we all dream it? Can your fantasy football teams carry some of those points over to next week? Just like Vegas expected, Week 3 of the NFL season was a week full of blowouts.

2023 NFL picks and score predictions for Week 4

NFL picks
NFL picks (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

Detroit Lions (2-1) @ Green Bay Packers (2-1)

This is shaping up to be one of the best showdowns of Week 4, in my mind. The Green Bay Packers, playing at home, closed out their 2022-23 season with a horrible taste in their mouths thanks to the Detroit Lions. The Lions have proven over the last couple of seasons that they are capable of winning games in a variety of different ways.