10 NFL free agents still unemployed as teams begin OTAs in 2024

Which NFL free agents are still unemployed as OTAs get underway?
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For a number of prominent NFL veterans, June 1 can't come fast enough. There are still a lot of notable NFL free agents sitting out there in the 2024 offseason as teams have done their spending in the first few waves of free agency and addressed the rest of their roster through the 2024 NFL Draft.

So why is June 1 an important date? After June 1, veteran contracts are no longer guaranteed, which means teams might be more willing to take some risks on availabe free agents and add guys to their rosters. Although not every available veteran is going to be rushing to sign for the veteran minimum, we could see a mini NFL free agency rush after June 1 with teams in the full swing of offseason activities.

Which veterans are still unexpectedly unemployed at this point in the 2024 offseason?

1. Ryan Tannehill, quarterback

In reality, it's not all that surprising that Ryan Tannehill remains available at this point. He's stuck in that stage of probably being good enough to start for someone, but a team is going to have to be in a very specific situation to add him this coming season.

Tannehill's best bet at this stage of his career might be to wait things out and see if some team suffers an injury elsewhere in the league. The Titans are out of the question, but for a team that is competing for the postseason and suffers an injury, Tannehill could be a godsend at some point.

2. Hunter Renfrow, wide receiver

I still don't really understand why Hunter Renfrow is a free agent at this point. Did he stop running good routes at some point? He's not that far removed from being named to the Pro Bowl. Renfrow is an effective slot player, he can help your offense cash in in the red zone, and he gives you another option as a punt returner.

He shouldn't be waiting much longer to get an opportunity somewhere in the league to show why Josh McDaniels was being really weird in keeping him on the sidelines.