2023 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 9

NFL picks and score predictions for Week 9 of the 2023 season.
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We finally did it. We finally had a dominant week of NFL picks and predictions, and it only took us until Week 8 of the season. It was a great week with only two incorrect predictions on the Sunday slate of games, a full slate with 15 matchups leading to a 13-2 record of just straight up picks.

The only two teams that let us down were the Colts and Steelers, both teams playing at home and both teams with backup quarterbacks playing in their respective games.

In other words, it's a week of NFL picks and predictions where you can live with the ball bouncing the other way in those games. We nailed some upsets including the Broncos getting a win over the Chiefs, their first in eight years. What does Week 9 have in store?

2023 NFL picks and score predictions for Week 9

Week 9 byes: Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, 49ers

Tennessee Titans (3-4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3)

Thursday, November 2, 8:15 PM ET

Do the Tennessee Titans have a little bit of a quarterback situation on their hands? No matter what you think of Will Levis and his banana-eating strategy or the fact that he drank coffee with mayonnaise in it, you can't deny the fact that he looked incredible on Sunday against the Falcons.

And that goes well beyond just the fact that the Titans were rocking some of the most glorious uniforms in NFL history.

Throwing four touchdown passes against the Falcons is impressive. Can you go on the road and play a good game against TJ Watt and a dominant Steelers defense, though? This is a bit of an unfair and really difficult test for the rookie QB. Going on the road to Pittsburgh is not easy, just in general, but asking a rookie QB to make his second start with Watt bearing down on him all game?

That's brutal.

Still, you can't help but feel like this game is a bit of a toss-up at worst. The Steelers are favored by three points early on and that is with Mitchell Trubisky apparently projected to start this game. I want to put faith in the Steelers' defense, but frankly, I have more faith in what we saw from Will Levis this past weekend and I feel like the Titans defense can do work against Trubisky.

Prediction: Titans win 23-20