2023 NFL Season: Predicting every remaining head coach firing

We've seen two head coach firings in 2023. How many more will we see?
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Brandon Staley doesn't survive this year, does he?

I don't see how Brandon Staley makes it to 2024 with the way his tenure as gone as head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. This team is delightfully average, and with an above-average QB in Justin Herbert, that is simply unacceptable. Staley got his wish with a defensive personnel makeover in 2022, but that did not yield good results.

In fact, the Chargers have been among the worst defenses in the NFL during Staley's tenure, which is wild when you consider that Staley was seen as a defensive guru. He's 23-22 as a head coach with the Chargers, and he's got his team 4-7 right now. They went 10-7 in 2022 and made the Wild Card round, only to see the Jacksonville Jaguars mount a historic comeback against them.

It's clear that Staley is not the long-term answer in LA. I guess his coaching tenure hasn't been a total disaster, but it's not been good, and I think LA might part ways and try to bring in an offensive mind to fix things.

Bill Belichick CANNOT coach the New England Patriots in 2024...

Bill Belichick surely won't come back in 2024, will he? I think Patriots' owner Robert Kraft has had enough, and you can find a slew of reports and rumors that Kraft is fed up and might just pull the plug on the decades-long tenure of Belichick in New England. Ever since Tom Brady departed from the team after the 2019 NFL Season, Belichick's shortcomings as a general manager and head coach have come to light.

The roster is just dreadfully bad. The coaching also hasn't been great this year, and QB Mac Jones has regressed from a promising rookie start into a replacement-level QB in year three. Belichick has clearly failed to adapt to the modern-day NFL, and I think most of his success was primarily because of Tom Brady.