2023 NFL Season: Predicting every remaining head coach firing

We've seen two head coach firings in 2023. How many more will we see?

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Dennis Allen's mediocre tenure is going to end soon

I don't think Dennis Allen is cut out to be a head coach in the NFL. This is his second go-round as a HC, and it's not gone well at all. Allen has coached 64 games in the NFL and has won 20 of them. He's never had a winning record and clearly is a much better coordinator than head coach, and that's fine.

Some coaches never get a shot to lead a team and some just aren't cut out to do it. Allen can find work in 2024 as a defensive coordinator somewhere, but it's clear that the New Orleans Saints need to go in a different direction.

Todd Bowles is probably on shaky ground in Tampa Bay

Todd Bowles is another example of a coach who simply isn't cut out to be a head coach in the NFL. When Bruce Arians retired from his HC role with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team was still set in place. All Bowles had to do when he took over was to not mess it up. Well, the Bucs regressed in his first year in 2022, going 8-9, and the team is now 4-7 in 2023.

They actually started the year 3-1 and have since gone 1-6. This team isn't going anywhere in 2023, but given how bad the NFC South is, they could still have a shot at winning the division, seeing as they are just one game out of first place. Unless they completely turn this thing around, I don't see a scenario where Bowles makes it to 2024.