Buffalo Bills could be making a huge mistake with Sean McDermott

Apparently, the Buffalo Bills are not prepared to make a move with their head coach
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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According to Tim Graham, in a story for The Athletic, he indicates that the Buffalo Bills are not prepared to make a move with their controversial head coach, Sean McDermott. The Bills underachieving this year has put a huge microscope on Sean McDermott, who has seemingly hit his peak as as HC in the NFL.

The Bills are 6-6 on the 2023 NFL Season, which includes going just 3-5 after a 3-1 start. The team is struggling, and when you look at them having a top-10 scoring offense AND defense, much of the blame does go on McDermott, who has made several puzzling decisions this year that have cost his team the game.

Ever since Buffalo made the AFC Championship Game in 2020, they seem to have been under a gradual decline, and before the quarterback gets scapegoated, the head coach is always first. And that's what's being done with McDermott. Honestly, there is valid reason to move on from him. The Bills have too heavily relied on Josh Allen in the run game.

They've never really established a consistent run game under McDermott, and the team just seems to have hit their peak with him in the building. Well, according to Tim Graham, McDermott isn't going anywhere:

"The Bills have lost four of their past six games, three of them blowing a lead inside the final two minutes. They are 6-6, in the bottom half of the conference and three slots outside the playoff picture. The Miami Dolphins are heavily favored Sunday to extend their division lead over the Bills to three games with five to play.

All that, compounded by the agony of those previous letdowns, are why many Bills supporters want McDermott fired.

They probably won’t get their wish.

Although additional calamities may befall McDermott over the next month and half and alter the organization’s plans, four sources familiar with Terry Pegula’s thinking tell The Athletic the Bills’ owner has neither the desire nor plans to make a coaching change.

The sources requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak on the record.

Asked if there was any chance Pegula would fire McDermott, two of the sources replied “Zero.” The other two sources said they would be shocked if Pegula made such a move. All four sources have intimate knowledge of the Pegula-McDermott relationship."

Tim Graham

So, there ya go. I guess I understand why McDermott wouldn't go anywhere; in the NFL, it's very, VERY hard to get the head coach right, especially one who is ever so slightly above-average in McDermott. Even though McDermott may never be an elite head coach, he's a darn good one, and I think the powers that be in Buffalo don't want to risk removing that.

What has become clear with McDermott is that he does need to hit a home run with his assistant coaches. Perhaps if the team decides to go in a different direction with their current offensive coordinator, Joe Brady in 2024, there would be a line out the facility with coaches who'd want a shot at working with Josh Allen.

Josh Allen has thrown 13 interceptions this year. He's a turnover-happy player, but also consistently ranks among the top in total touchdowns scored, so it's a fine trade-off for some people. Anyway, the Buffalo Bills might be making a mistake by keeping McDermott around.