2023 NFL Season: Quarterback power rankings ahead of Week 5

-Russell Wilson still cooking

-Joe Burrow, the worst QB in the NFL right now?

-CJ Stroud already one of the best in the league?

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There has been a ton of solid quarterback play through four weeks of the 2023 NFL season, but there's also been some poor play as well. Let's rank all 32 starting QBs ahead of Week 5. There have been some surprises with the QB play thus far in the NFL. Did anyone predict Joe Burrow to play as poorly as he has?

Did anyone truly expect Russell Wilson to be a statistically elite QB this year? We have to make some heads and tails of all 32 starting NFL QBs as we brace for Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season. Let's get started!

2023 NFL Season: Quarterback power rankings ahead of Week 5
32. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Daniel Jones looks like his old self. He's thrown three times as many interceptions as touchdowns this year and the Giants are 1-3 on the season. Their scoring offense is among the worst in the NFL and I do wonder if the Giants are already having buyer's remorse with his contract extension.

31. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

These are QB power rankings for the 2023 season after four games. These aren't QB power rankings based on how good Burrow has been in prior seasons. That doesn't matter. The truth is, the Cincinnati Bengals are a bad football team, and Burrow has a passer rating below 70. The calf injury seems to be hampering him quite a bit and this doesn't feel like a situation that the Bengals can just flip a switch and fix.

30. Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers

Bryce Young has done some nice things through four games, but it's clear that he's playing like a rookie QB. The Carolina Panthers' front office didn't do him any favors by not giving up very good weapons on offense, but reports are they are looking for a significant upgrade at WR.

29. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers

I was never on board with Kenny Pickett and I don't plan on being anytime soon. Sure, you can cite OC Matt Canada as being the primary issue, but Pickett has also been pretty bad. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 2-2 and this again feels like another year that Mike Tomlin coaches them to nine wins.