2023 NFL Season: Top 3 Non-QB MVP candidates

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns
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Myles Garrett, Edge, Cleveland Browns

Want to see a real-life juggernaut? Look no further than Myles Garrett. He has been an absolute force for the Cleveland Browns, making an undeniable case for MVP. His performance this season is a testament to his formidable impact on the field. Garrett has recorded an impressive 13.0 sacks in just 13 games, placing him among the league's top pass rushers. This tally isn't just impressive; it's historic, putting him on pace to rival some of the greatest single-season sack records.

But Garrett's influence extends beyond sacking quarterbacks. He has forced 4 fumbles, a testament to his ability to create game-changing plays. His tackles for loss are a clear indicator of his dominance in disrupting the opposition's game plan, both in the air and on the ground.

Garrett's advanced metrics paint a picture of a player who consistently outperforms his peers. His quarterback pressures and hits are among the highest in the league, demonstrating his relentless pursuit and disruption of plays. His pass rush win rate is exceptional, highlighting his skill in overcoming offensive linemen.

Beyond individual stats, Garrett's presence has been pivotal in elevating the Browns' defense. The team's overall defensive efficiency, particularly against the pass, has seen a marked improvement with him on the field. This transformation has been central to the Browns' contention for a playoff spot, emphasizing Garrett's role as the cornerstone of their defense. His remarkable performance in 2023 not only cements his status as one of the NFL's elite defensive talents but also challenges the traditional quarterback-centric MVP narrative, firmly placing him in the MVP conversation.