2024 NFL Draft: 3 teams who must take a first-round wide receiver

How many teams really need help at wide receiver?

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The 2024 NFL Draft is about one month away, and among the many stacked positions in this year's class, wide receiver might be the deepest. For teams that need a wide receiver, they're in luck. The 2024 NFL Draft is filled with a ton of talent in that group, and teams could surely find a future WR1 in the second or even third round.

With the NFL being an offense-first league now, and specifically a pass-first league, the WR spot has become much more valuable than it was in previous years and eras. So, with that being said, there will be WRs flying off the board in April's draft, and even the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs have a huge need for the position.

Which three teams most desperately need a first-round wide receiver?

2024 NFL Draft: 3 teams who must take a first-round wide receiver
1. Arizona Cardinals

The era of DeAndre Hopkins and to an extent, Hollywood Brown, is over. The Cardinals projected starters at the position include Michael Wilson, Greg Dortch, and Chris Moore. Yeah, this unit simply needs more talent. Well, fortunately for the Cardinals, they hold the No. 4 overall pick in the NFL Draft, so they are in a perfect position to land Marvin Harrison Jr, the top WR in this year's class.

Even trading down from the 4th pick, the Cardinals can still get a future WR1. Kyler Murray simply needs better players to throw to, and I think this Cardinals team can take a huge jump in 2024. Part of that jump will be needing to get some more talent on offense, especially at WR.