NFL makes wise decision and takes no action over "Tush Push"

While the play is quite annoying if you're the opponent, there was and is no reason to ban it from football.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams
Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

Earlier this week, it was announced that the NFL would not be banning the "Tush Push" play, which became mainstream during the 2023 NFL Season. Frankly, banning a play like this would have been a silly move, and it looks like the play is here to stay:

The Philadelphia Eagles ran it with near 100% efficiency during the 2023 NFL Season. Essentially, the play calls for the offensive line to get low, gaining leverage, while the QB takes the snap, tucks the ball, and basically runs into the rear end of his OL, while being pushed from behind by the tight ends and running backs. It's proven to be a very efficient play when run properly, and the Eagles did it with regularity.

I mean, it's a football play that is usually only used to gain one yard, so I am just baffled that some people wanted it banned. The sport of football is inherently unsafe, even if you play the right way, and that was the main argument from people who wanted the "Tush Push" banned. Jalen Hurts had 15 rushing TDs in 2023, and many of those were from the play.

With Jason Kelce retiring, who is one of the five best centers in NFL history, it is worth wondering if the Eagles would be able to run the play as effectively as they did with Kelce right in the middle of it. And for Hurts himself, he was actually getting bashed quite a bit by social media, as many people thought that the play was an easy way for Hurts to "stat pad" as he regressed heavily as a passer in 2023, but ran for 15 touchdowns.

In the end, though, there really is no reason to ban the "Tush Push" at all. It's a play that doesn't break any rule in the NFL rulebook, and I truly bet teams across the league begin practicing how to defend it more and more this offseason.