2024 NFL Draft: 3 teams who must trade down in the first round

A few teams picking in the first round during the 2024 NFL Draft must trade back to acquire more picks.
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2. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are in great hands with GM Monti Ossenfort, but the roster mess he was left with still needs improved. The Cards do have an urgent need that they could use the 4th overall pick on, perhaps drafting Marvin Harrison Jr. However, with the amount of needs that they still have and with them being in a very valuable draft slot, they must trade out of this selection.

The "big four" QBs are likely to go with the top four picks, and the Cardinals could get a haul of picks and maybe even players to move down from their top pick. They also hold the 27th overall pick, which originally belonged to the Houston Texans. GM Monti Ossenfort must trade down.

3. Buffalo Bills

With the Buffalo Bills gutting their roster with a ton of quality veteran players, they have more needs than quite a few teams. Losing Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis at wide receiver has made that position group a huge need, so you have to figure that Buffalo will target a WR. However, beyond WR, they have other needs along the offensive line and a slew of needs on defense.

They currently hold the 28th overall pick, which might not be highly sought after by other teams, but if a QB begins to slip down the draft board, that 28th pick might actually become coveted, so GM Brandon Beane should not at all hesitate to trade back, acquire more capital, and use it to retool his roster.