2024 NFL Draft: Bleacher Report thinks Broncos best first-round pick is JJ McCarthy

Would this be a good fit for the Denver Broncos?
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The Denver Broncos hold the 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Would their best fit in the first round be JJ McCarthy, the young QB from Michigan? The Denver Broncos will not go anywhere they want do without a franchise QB, and while they might have a different player in mind, the best fit for them at QB might just be JJ McCarthy from Michigan.

Bleacher Report thin McCarthy is the best fit for the Denver Broncos in the first round:

"Anticipatory thrower, efficient, projectable, athletic: They're just a few words that come up consistently in conversations surrounding Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy.

While his fundamental arm talent and off-script ability don't sit parallel to other headliners at his position, he operates an offense like a fine-tuned surgeon, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The Michigan offense hid McCarthy's game due to its run-heavy approach, but taking the training wheels off should showcase a high-level processor with the traits to succeed quickly in the NFL."

Ryan Fowler

McCarthy is quite the controversial prospect. Some don't think too highly of him because he didn't operate the offense a ton at Michigan. In their run-heavy attack as Fowler notes McCarthy wasn't throwing the ball a lot, but when he was asked to, the results were great. Many have said that Michigan was trying to hide McCarthy in that regard, but I find that to be extremely untrue.

They just so happened to have one of the best run games and offensive lines in the country, so they were playing to their strengths. Recently turning 21, McCarthy could benefit from sitting a year, but there might not be any good reason for that, especially if he does go to the Denver Broncos, where they only have Jarrett Stidham of note at QB.

I'd find it hard to believe that JJ McCarthy wouldn't be able to be out Stidham in the offseason. Furthermore, I don't believe Sean Payton is going to wait around if he gets a rookie QB; starting him immediately makes sense, as if he turns out to be a giant dud, perhaps Payton and the Broncos could turn their attention to a potential 2025 free agent QB, Dak Prescott.