2024 NFL Draft: Full four-round mock draft with trades

Let's put together our biggest mock draft yet!
Texas A&M v LSU
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In just two calendar months, the 2024 NFL Draft will be upon us. Let's dive into our biggest mock draft yet and make a full, four-round mock draft with trades. With the Super Bowl in a couple of days, the order of th 2024 NFL Draft will be set, as the winner between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs will claim the 32nd overall pick, and the respective picks after that.

The Senior Bowl recently concluded, and like every year, there are risers and fallers as the fallout from the week continues. There was also an interesting development recently, with Kliff Kingsbury withdrawing from the Las Vegas Raiders offensive coordinator open at the last second and heading over to Washington.

Why does that matter? Well, Kingsbury was on USC's offensive staff in 2023 with Caleb Williams, and Williams is from the D.C. area. This could be something, but it could also be nothing. In the coming weeks, the focus in the NFL will turn to free agency, the NFL Scouting Combine, and the 2024 NFL Draft.

Let's put together our biggest mock draft to dates, four rounds long and with trades.

2024 NFL Draft: Full four-round mock draft with trades
1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams, QB, USC

I think in the end, the various reports, rumors, and everything else trying to not mock Caleb Williams to Chicago will all end up not coming true. The Chicago Bears have a chance to draft a generational prospect and potentially change the entire direction of their franchise for a decade. To me, this is a no-brainer decision.

2. Washington Commanders - Drake Maye, QB, UNC

The Washington Commanders now have their structure in place, with Adam Peters as the General Manager, Dan Quinn as the Head Coach, and Kliff Kingsbury as the Offensive Coordinator. I think Both Quinn and Kingsbury are largely uninspiring hires, but Drake Maye added to the mix could be the change that Washington needs after being an inept and struggling franchise for years.

3. New England Patriots - Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

There is no way the New England Patriots get this wrong, right? There is no way they don't select a QB, right? Right???

I guess we'll see. The Pats made a huge mistake in my opinion by naming Jerod Mayo as their head coach. I just don't see a lot with this staff or front office that is very appealing, but a ton of cap space and the potential to draft the Heisman Trophy winner should get this franchise on the right track.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr, WR, OSU

Another move that I think should be pretty cut and dry is Marvin Harrison Jr being drafted fourth overall to the Arizona Cardinals, a team that could use Hollywood Brown in free agency. Kyler Murray is a franchise QB and the Cards showed some grit in 2023, so I do think this team can shock the league in 2024. Marvin Harrison Jr likely comes into the NFL as a top-15 wide receiver.