2024 NFL Draft Losers: Falcons GM and Malik Nabers top the list

Who are the three biggest losers from the 2024 NFL Draft?
2024 NFL Draft - Portraits
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The 2024 NFL Draft is now officially over, and while teams won't know for years whether their draft class pans out, there are some clear losers from this past draft. It's hard to argue that certain players, coaches, and teams were not major losers after the 2024 NFL Draft. At this point, the team draft grades are spilling onto the internet, but the truth is, no one will know how a team "graded out" during a given NFL Draft until years down the line.

For some teams, though, there is a lot of reason to be encouraged about what happened on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Other teams, however, are left wondering what went wrong. Are these the biggest losers of the 2024 NFL Draft?

2024 NFL Draft Losers: Falcons GM and Malik Nabers top the list

3. Las Vegas Raiders

Man, you have to wonder what the Las Vegas Raiders were thinking during the 2024 NFL Draft. Not only is their class largely underwhelming, but they came into the draft with a clear need at quarterback and somehow did not address it. With how deep this class was at the position, you'd have figured that Vegas would have taken one in the late-rounds at least.

Well, Tom Telesco had other ideas, but his biggest mistake was his first-round selection. The Raiders watched as the top-six consensus QBs went off the board by pick 12, and with pick 13, Vegas was without a first-round passer to take. They somehow settled on TE Brock Bowers, who is a great player, but is not a foundational piece by any means. No tackle. No defensive lineman. No trade down. Heck, even a wide receiver

And to make matters worse, they used a second-round pick on Notre Dame TE Michael Mayer in the 2023 NFL Draft. Positional value is not a thing for Las Vegas.