2024 NFL Draft: Who picks in the top 10?

Who picks in the top 10 of the 2024 NFL Draft?

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4. Arizona Cardinals

I think the Cardinals could stand pat with the fourth overall pick and draft Marvin Harrison Jr from Ohio State. He's the best wide receiver in this class and the son of, you guessed it, Marvin Harrison. Kyler Murray would probably love this addition.

5. Los Angeles Chargers

What direction will the Los Angeles Chargers go in their first NFL Draft with Jim Harbaugh as the head coach? I would not be surprised if they had their eyes at drafting a tackle to pair with stud LT Rashawn Slater.

6. New York Giants

Why did the New York Giants give Daniel Jones a contract extension? In reality, they should target a QB and move up to do so, but they probably won't. Getting a wide receiver might be the move for the Giants, who might latch onto a sliver of hope that Daniel Jones can somehow cement himself as a starting-caliber QB in the NFL.

7. Tennessee Titans

Picking seventh overall, the Tennessee Titans need quite a bit, specifically major help at wide receiver and offensive line. Fortunately for them, this draft class is stacked at both positions, so they might be best off trading down for more draft capital, and the seventh overall spot could be a good slot for a team who wants to draft a QB.