NFL Analyst makes a ridiculous statement about Daniel Jones and New York Giants

How could someone watch the Daniel Jones tenure in New York and come to this conclusion?

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Ian Maule/GettyImages

The New York Giants drafted Daniel Jones back in 2019, and he's not turned into a viable franchise QB. To make matters worse, he's also under quite a large contract. Daniel Jones was among the worst QBs in the NFL until his "breakout" 2022 season, where he threw for 15 touchdowns against five interceptions. In that season, he also added 708 yards rushing and seven rushing TDs.

A pretty average season by all accounts somehow earned him a four-year, $160 million extension with the Giants. And well, six games into the 2023 NFL Season, Danny Dimes went down with a torn ACL. ESPN Analyst Louis Riddick recently spoke about the apparent mistreatment of Jones during his time with the Giants:

Has it been perfect for Jones? Definitely not, but to seemingly place the primary blame on the organization and not the player, as Riddick seems to do, is quite odd. In four of his five seasons as a QB in the NFL, he's been bad, quite frankly.

The Giants have won just 22 of his 59 starts in the NFL, and among many reasons why Jones is simply not a franchise QB, 46 career fumbles are a huge reason why he's not succeeded. Daniel Jones did seem to be significantly over-drafted back in the 2019 NFL Draft.

He wasn't a first-round draft prospect, but then-Giants GM Dave Gettleman seemed to buy into Jones. In fact, I remember many people comparing the similarities between Jones and former Giants' QB, Eli Manning. I think that could have been a selling point for the Giants, but Eli Manning wasn't a good QB, so it's a bit odd that they went this route.

I just don't understand how Louis Riddick can go off on the Giants organization like this and not put most of the blame on the QB, who has been consistently terrible in the NFL. And the one year he was not a liability under center, he was pretty average, at best.