2024 NFL Free Agency: 3 free agents who are going to break the bank

Which three free agents are going to make the most money this offseason?
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Danielle Hunter, EDGE

I am personally a huge fan of Danielle Hunter and am hoping he signs with my favorite team in 2024. Hunter has been one of the best pass rushers of this generation and is in line for one last big payday. I think if Kirk Cousins did not tear his Achilles and the Vikings ended up in the postseason, Hunter would have gotten a ton of hype to be the Defensive Player of the Year.

Hunter set or tied career highs in sacks, tackles for loss, and QB hits in 2023. He finished with 16.5 sacks, 23 tackles for loss, and 22 QB hits. Even at 29 years old, Hunter is still producing at a high level, and is one of the best overall defensive players in the NFL. Furthermore, he plays an extremely valuable position, with experience playing down along the defensive line and as a stand-up pass rusher.

I think Danielle Hunter can find a contract that pays him at least $20 million per season, as he is still producing at his age and showed no signs of slowing down in 2023. A team like the Denver Broncos would be a good fit. The Houston Texans have the cap space to make a move like this happen as well.

Wherever Danielle Hunter signs, he will certainly break the bank.