2024 NFL Free Agency: Predicting the biggest quarterback moves

Let's try to predict the biggest quarterback moves this coming offseason.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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5. Caleb Williams - Chicago Bears

I am not going to overthink this. Caleb Williams should be the choice at No. 1 for the Chicago Bears, and I'm not sure there is another viable option here. If I were GM Ryan Poles, I'd have made this decision already. Williams is the best QB in the 2024 NFL Draft and would come into a respectable situation on offense.

The Bears offensive line is solid, and there are some nice playmakers as well. Trading Justin Fields and resetting makes so much sense, as the Bears would have to make a decision on Fields' fifth-year option this coming offseason. Having a cost-controlled QB who is probably already going to be better than Fields when he gets drafted makes all the sense in the world.

6. Drake Maye - Washington Commanders

Drake Maye is the second-best QB in the 2024 NFL Draft and should be drafted by the Washington Commanders. I don't think the Commanders should try to get cute here and entertain trading down or even acquiring a veteran. To me, they need to just stick at No. 2, as they'd be guaranteed to get a top QB prospect. They are guaranteed to have two of Williams, Maye, or Jayden Daniels available to them if they do not move from the 2nd overall selection.