2024 NFL Free Agency: Predicting the biggest quarterback moves

Let's try to predict the biggest quarterback moves this coming offseason.

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7. Jayden Daniels - New England Patriots

With the third overall pick, you could argue that the New England Patriots need to trade out of that pick since their roster is just so weak. They need a serious infusion of talent. Their offensive line is brutal and their playmakers aren't nearly good enough. However, getting the QB right does help quite a bit, and it's not like they don't have other draft capital and a ton of cap space to fill other holes on their roster.

I do think the Patriots could overthink it and trade out of the third overall pick and acquire more capital, though.

8. JJ McCarthy - Denver Broncos

I just have a feeling that Sean Payton is going to get a notable QB in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Denver Broncos will have to get a lot cheaper at QB if they cut Russell Wilson. I think they do end up cutting Wilson. They could then turn their attention to JJ McCarthy, who has a ton of promising tools that can translate to the next level.

He'll also be just 21 when the 2024 NFL Season begins, so there's a lot to like about his development in terms of his young age. The Broncos need to get a young QB on this team and currently hold the 12th overall pick. A trade up the draft board might have to happen.