2024 NFL Mock Draft: Could four quarterbacks go in the top 10?

Could we see four quarterbacks go in the top 10?

Duke v North Carolina
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The 2024 NFL Draft will take place at the end of April and could be a very dramatic one, especially within the top 10 picks. Now more than ever, teams are trying to desperately upgrade their QB situation. If teams don't have an elite QB, they won't win a Super Bowl, period. There is no running away from that reality.

Teams who aren't trying to pursue a significant upgrade at the position this offseason are simply wasting their 2024 season and flushing it down the drain. This year, the quarterback class seems to be one of the deeper ones, at least, that's how it is right now. There is no guarantee that any of the top QBs taken will end up developing when they hit the NFL.

Could we see four quarterbacks go in the top 10? Well, the top overall pick is likely Caleb Williams from USC. Williams seems to be the best overall prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft and is probably a safe bet to be picked first overall. There are some NFL talking heads across the league who aren't as sold on Caleb Williams as others.

However, I think when you get a truly elite QB prospect like this, you tend to overthink it at times. Caleb Williams has all the makings of a franchise QB. There is no question he goes in the top 10. And I think there is no question that both Drake Maye from UNC and Jayden Daniels from LSU also go in the top 10.

There are a plethora of mock drafts that will have Williams, Maye, and Daniels all going within the top five. Those three seem to be the top passers in this year's class, and there could be many teams battling with each other to draft one of them. Could a fourth QB sneak into the top 10? The one QB that could sneak into the top 10 is Michigan's JJ McCarthy, who is a controversial QB.

Here's some clarity on why the QB could go in the top 10.

He was not asked to throw the ball a lot at Michigan, but when he was asked to do so, he was very good. Putting up gaudy numbers in college doesn't at all mean NFL success. The opposite is also true. McCarthy has all the makings of a franchise QB, so getting four QBs within the top 10 would not be a shock.

That happening could also lead to other top prospects dropping. Other players like Malik Nabers, Brock Bowers, Joe Alt, and others could fall a bit down the draft board if four quarterbacks go within the top 10.