2024 NFL Mock Draft: Full two-round mock with groundbreaking trades

This 2024 NFL Mock Draft is two rounds long and has some truly groundbreaking trades!
Michigan State v Ohio State
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It's officially 2024 NFL Draft week, and the final mock drafts will be abundant. In this mock draft, it's a full four-rounds and has some insane trades. Besides the draft itself and the careful study of the prospects, players already in the league could shake the draft up. Could the 49ers trade Brandon Aiyuk?

Could the Bengals trade Tee Higgins? And if so, which teams would have interest? The draft does go beyond the college prospects sometimes. For example, former Titan AJ Brown was traded to the Eagles a few years ago. That certainly should the draft up. Anyway, in our longest mock draft to date, let's get started with a full two-round mock draft with some groundbreaking trades.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Full two-round mock with groundbreaking trades

1. Chicago Bears - Caleb Williams, QB, USC


2. Washington Commanders - Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

From what I have personally read, Jayden Daniels is very likely going with the second overall pick. I'd be shocked if this didn't happen and don't think the Commanders are even thinking about trading out of this selection, either.

3. New York Giants (via NE) - Drake Maye, QB, UNC

How about this?  The New York Giants have been rumored to be interested in a QB during the 2024 NFL Draft, but there’s also reports out there saying they aren’t interested in one this early.  Well, what if Patriots de-facto GM Eliot Wolf is interested in moving down a bit?  If so, the Giants could offer a strong enough package to move up to the third overall spot to take Drake Maye.

4. New England Patriots (via ARI) - JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan

So, the Patriots moved down to six initially, but they decided they wanted to try and trade up a couple of picks with the Arizona Cardinals.  The Pats moved down and moved back up, and they did this to net a QB they are high on and to net some draft picks.  JJ McCarthy is the fourth QB off the board.

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