NFL Power Rankings: How do all 32 general managers stack up before 2024 draft?

Let's power rank all NFL general managers in the NFL.
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Most general managers in the NFL have final roster authority and are often tasked with rebuilding their team. How do all 32 GMs or de-facto GMs stack up with each other? Like players in the league, there are both great and quite awful GMs. To be fair, I'd imagine that building an NFL rsoter is quite hard.

Some GMs make it look truly easy, while you can see just how tough it is in other situations. The 2024 NFL Draft is less than a week away, and all 32 front offices are surely finalizing their boards and gearing up for a draft that could change their team for the better or worse.

Let's rank all 32 GMs or de-facto GMs ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft.

*Note, some teams have not officially named a General Manager but have an executive acting in that role

NFL Power Rankings: How do all 32 general managers stack up before 2024 draft?
Unranked: Adam Peters - Washington Commanders, Eliot Wolf - New England Patriots, Dan Morgan - Carolina Panthers, Tom Telesco - Las Vegas Raiders, Joe Hortiz - Los Angeles Chargers

It's not fair to rank these five general managers. Eliot Wolf of the New England Patriots does not have the GM title but seems to have all of the GM duties. For a GM to see their vision through, it'll take years, but I do believe that after a full year of being on the job, we can get a good reading on these men as roster-builders.

Both Adam Peters and Dan Morgan have been hyper-aggressive in free agency trying to immediately repair how broken their teams were before they arrived. However, as we all know, Super Bowls are not won in free agency, but rather the NFL Draft. For these newcomers to the GM chair, the 2024 NFL Draft is going to be their first huge test.