2024 NFL mock draft: New no. 1 pick replaces Caleb Williams, Jets take QB

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2024 NFL mock draft
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We're halfway through the 2023 NFL season, which means the 2024 NFL Draft is slowly (but surely) coming into focus. This year's class is fascinating at the quarterback position which will make for a ton of 2024 NFL mock draft scenarios between now and the end of April.

Although there's plenty of season left to find out what could happen with these teams, let's take a look at what the 2024 NFL Draft could look like if the season ended today.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Drake Maye replaces Caleb Williams at no. 1

1. Arizona Cardinals: Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina

There's a new number one in town. After months of Caleb Williams holding the top overall spot in our mock draft scenarios, now you've got a new no. 1. I was very intrigued by the fact that Dane Brugler of The Athletic had Drake Maye listed as not only his QB1, but his no. 1 overall player in the 2024 class. The Cardinals obviously have Kyler Murray on the roster, but will that remain the case if they get the top pick in next year's draft?

I'm skeptical, at best. I just don't know if Arizona can pass on a player like Drake Maye or Caleb Williams, even with Kyler Murray. Murray is coming off of a major injury and the rest of this season will likely determine whether or not they move forward with him beyond this season, or try to trade him to the highest bidder.

2. Chicago Bears (from Panthers): Caleb Williams, QB, USC

The Chicago Bears have two picks back-to-back in this 2024 NFL mock draft scenario, and that's an enviable position to be in with this particular class. The Bears have a chance with picks 2-3 to take the best QB left between Drake Maye and Caleb Williams, and then pair that pick up with likely Marvin Harrison Jr., who is arguably the best non-quarterback in this class.

But first, Caleb Williams. Williams obviously dropped out of the top overall slot in this mock draft, but he's still an outstanding overall prospect with playmaking ability.