2024 NFL Offseason: 2 controversial quarterbacks could get big contracts

Would the teams be making the right decision by paying these QBs?
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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This coming offseason, I think there are at least two controversial quarterbacks who are in line to sign contract extensions with their respective teams. In the NFL, only elite QBs win Super Bowls. That is simply a fact, and there is no beating around the bush there. However, the situation with the QB position in the league is interesting.

I truly think there might only be five or so elite QBs in the NFL that can genuinely win a Super Bowl at some point. And I think right below those elite passers are a good chunk of very good, or almost elite passers that probably won't win a Super Bowl, but perhaps could in the right circumstances. Two of those QBs are Dak Prescott and Tua Tagovailoa, who are both potentially signing rich contracts this offseason.

Dak Prescott is entering the final year of his contract. His current deal pays him $40 million per season, and frankly, that deal is a bit old and outdDak Prescottated. As crazy as it may sound, it seems like the Dallas Cowboys are prepared to give Prescott a bit of a raise, even with his 2-5 playoff record. Spotrac.com has his market value at a whopping $50.8 million per season.

They suggest a four-year deal worth about $203 million. And honestly, that might be the number the Cowboys have to hit if they want to lock up Prescott for the long-term. The other controversial QB in line for a contract extension is Tua Tagovailoa, who is set to play on his fifth-year option unless the two sides agree to a deal.

Also according to spotrac, the market value for Tagovailoa is $50.4 million per year. They suggest a six-year contract worth about $303 million. For two QBs with virtually zero playoff success to speak of, they both are likely going to be much richer in 2024.

And that is the tricky thing with QBs. Both Prescott and Tagovailoa are good QBs, and I do not think that is up for debate. However, whether they are elite remains to be seen. Even finding average QB play in the NFL is hard, so I think front offices are kind of trapped when they have a QB in the tier of Prescott or Tagovailoa. They're fine at what they do, but not really special, and not elite.

But they play well enough for their teams to win games. I would not want to be the GMs of those teams that don't have elite QBs, because it makes their life a bit harder. And it'd be a lot different if their QBs were one of Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow, the two best QBs in the NFL.

Anyway, I think both Dak Prescott and Tua Tagovailoa can each get massive contract extensions this offseason.