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Super Bowl LVIII: (3) Detroit Lions @ (1) Baltimore Ravens

Sunday, February 11, 6:30 PM ET (Las Vegas)

And it all comes down to this. The Detroit Lions, playing in their first Super Bowl in franchise history against the Baltimore Ravens, playing for their third Lombardi.

It's important when you look at this game to not get too emotionally attached to the story of the Detroit Lions. Although, isn't that what being a fan is about? Everyone will want to see the Detroit Lions cap off their incredible story by winning it all.

It would be an ending fit for Hollywood.

But the Baltimore Ravens are a force right now. Lamar Jackson is truly playing MVP football. The Ravens run the ball well. They have a plethora of options in the passing game. They play top-flight defense.

As much as we would all want to see the Lions win their first Super Bowl in franchise history, it would be borderline impossible against this Baltimore team, which I guess would make it all the sweeter. But I keep going back and forth with who I really think is going to win it all right now. The Lions feel like the team of destiny, and I know they can hang with anyone left in the playoffs.

The Ravens just look like they are capable of absolutely dog-walking any team standing in their path.


I'm going to flip-flop again, and say that I think the Ravens are winning it all heading into Championship week.

Prediction: Ravens win 37-27

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