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(7) Green Bay Packers @ (2) Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys took a bit to get going against the Washington Commanders, but all is well that ends well. Dallas earned the 2nd seed in the NFC in a really good overall year for that conference. Having that home-field advantage will be huge, but the Cowboys were going to face a difficult first-round matchup no matter what way things fell in Week 18 of the regular season.

The Cowboys have had one of the most well-run operations all year. They have scored a ton of points, forced a lot of turnovers, and they’ve proven themselves capable of winning games in a wide variety of ways. 

They could have a tough time with the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love coming to town for the first round. Love has been a breakout player for the Packers in 2023 and although he hasn’t been perfect, he has a lot of targets he can spread the ball to. If the Cowboys can’t find a way to put pressure on, those playmakers of the Packers could feast on a banged-up secondary, which lost Stephon Gilmore against the Commanders. 

This game could be interesting, maybe even with the Packers leading through three quarters. But I think the Cowboys will find a way to pull it out.

Prediction: Cowboys win 30-27