2024 NFL picks, score predictions for Wild Card Weekend

We get some playoff football this week as Wild Card Weekend is almost here!

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The NFL regular season is officially over, as we now progress to the postseason as teams begin to make the run to play in Super Bowl 58. After long last, the NFL playoff picture has officially been settled. And there are definitely some shocking playoff teams, and some shocking teams that are on the outside looking in.

Wild Card Weekend actually begins on Friday with two games. Sunday has three games, and Wild Card Weekend will end on Monday with one game. There are most definitely some very interesting matchups, and I think we could see some lower seeds upset the higher seeds. Let's take a look at each Wild Card game and predict how each will turn out.

2023 NFL Picks, Predictions for Wild Card Weekend
Cleveland (5) @ Houston (4), Saturday 4:30PM

This is a rematch from a few weeks ago, but CJ Stroud was not in the lineup. We should see two teams that are as healthy as they can be, and since it's the playoffs, I think you'll see a lot of players who are nursing injuries try to play. This matchup definitely favors the Browns, in my opinion. Joe Flacco has played in 15 playoff games, winning 10 of them.

And this Texans team is pretty inexperienced, but they also just do not know any better, so I think Houston can pull off a win. However, the Browns defense is just going to be too much and I expect Flacco to do enough to help the Browns earn the win.

Prediction: Browns win 24-16

Miami (6) @ Chiefs (3), Saturday 8:15PM

The second game of Saturday see the Miami Dolphins travel to Kansas City to face off against the defending Super Bowl champions. I do think this game is pretty evenly matched, regardless of what the seeding says. The Dolphins did falter toward the end of the season, but the Chiefs have been limping on offense all year. I just cannot see a clear favorite here.

The Dolphins have the more explosive offense, but the Chiefs have the better and healthier defense. I think in the end, the two biggest factors in teams winning boils down to the QB and the head coach. For that reason, Kansas City winning is probably a safe bet.

Prediction: Chiefs win 27-21

Pittsburgh (7) @ Buffalo (2), Sunday 1:00PM

Both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills clawed their way into the postseason with their respective late-season pushes. The Steelers rode the hot hand of... Mason Rudolph to close out the year, and the Bills simply did enough to close out their season en route to another AFC East title.

This is one of those playoff games that just won't be close, I don't think. Even though anything can happen, I just cannot see a path where the Steelers win, unless it's one of those games for the Bills. Josh Allen would need to throw about three interceptions in this game if the Steelers want to win.

This might be the year for the Buffalo Bills, honestly. Joe Burrow is not in the postseason and Patrick Mahomes is on the weakest team he's ever played on in the NFL, so Josh Allen has a great opportunity in front of him to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Prediction: Bills win 34-17