2024 NFL Schedule: Full list of the Dallas Cowboys opponents

Let's dive into the opponents for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2024 NFL Season.
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Schedule release should be a short time away, but in the meantime, we can look at the already decided opponents for some teams. The NFL schedules are more than just dates and times; entire seasons can be altered based on the type of schedule that a team gets. For the Cowboys, they could be under the most pressure of any team in 2024.

Both QB Dak Prescott and head coach Mike McCarthy are in the final year of their deals, so the pressure is coming to a boil. The roster itself also seemed to take a step back from 2023, so Dallas might have more work to do to get to where they want to be.

Well, we can at least, in the meantime, look at their 2024 opponents.

2024 NFL Schedule: Full list of the Dallas Cowboys opponents
Home Opponents

  • Washington (4-13)
  • NY Giants (6-11)
  • Philadelphia (11-6)
  • New Orleans (9-8)
  • Tampa Bay (9-8)
  • Detroit (12-5)
  • Houston (10-7)
  • Baltimore (13-4)
  • Cincinnati (9-8)

The Cowboys have a whopping seven home games in 2024 against teams that had a winning record in 2023. They obviously play each of their division rivals once, but also have games against the entire NFC South and AFC North. Fortunately for them, the main gauntlent of their opponents are going to be at home, and the Cowboys typically play elite football in Jerry World.

It's hard to envision Dallas winning a ton at home in 2024, though, as I just do not see this team being nearly as good as they were the past few seasons.

Away Opponents

  • Washington
  • NY Giants
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco (12-5)
  • Atlanta (7-10)
  • Carolina (2-15)
  • Pittsburgh (10-7)
  • Cleveland (11-6)

They don't exactly have the easiest of away opponents, either. Besides their division rivals, they have three away games in 2024 against teams with a 2023 winning record. Dallas tends to take a huge step back playing away from Jerry World, and I am specifically looking at their three away games versus the 49ers, Steelers, and Browns as being some hard-nosed games that Dallas will probably lose.

They do have two easier matchups against the Falcons and Panthers, but even Atlanta can give teams trouble now with Kirk Cousins in the picture. For the Cowboys, it's quite the tough schedule in 2024, and it's hard to envision them convincingly winning double-digit games.