2024 NFL Schedule: Full slate of international games have been revealed

Let's briefly look at the full slate of international games for the 2024 NFL Season.
Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars
Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars / Kate McShane/GettyImages

Even though the 2024 NFL Schedule has not been officially revealed yet, we do know with certainty about where some games will be this upcoming season. In fact, we know the full slate of international games for the year:

The first international game takes place in Sao Paulo Brazil in one of the first games of the season, as the Green Bay Packers face off against the Philadelphia Eagles. And to make an important note here, this would be considered a home game for the Eagles, who brought in two new coordinators this offseason in Kellen Moore on offense and Vic Fangio on defense.

The NFL will play three games in London, England. The New York Jets will face off against the Minnesota Vikings, and that game will count as a home contest for Minnesota. The week after, The Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears play each other, with the Bears being the home team in that game.

And the last game in London, England for the 2024 NFL Season would be the New England Patriots facing off against the Jaguars, who would be the home team in this one. The last international game of the 2024 NFL Season takes place on November 10th in Munich, Germany, as the New York Giants play the Carolina Panthers in what could be one of the ugliest games of the year. Do the German fans really deserve a Drew Lock/Daniel Jones - Bryce Young QB showdown?

Man, the NFL really struck out with creating that matchup. Anyway, the NFL is clearly making a bigger push for international games, and I do believe at some point, the league will attempt to expand and give another country an NFL team. In total, there are five international games for this upcoming season.

On paper, the fans in Brazil may get the best game with the Packers and Eagles.