2024 NFL Schedule Release: 3 games that must be in primetime

These three games have to be in primetime.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Candice Ward/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL Schedule release is roughly one week away, and the league must put these three games in particular in primetime. Every team in the NFL knows who their opponents will be for 2024, as the NFL schedule is not random but based on a formula that essentially loops through. However, no one knows when the dates and times are.

We can pick out a few matchups across the NFL that we would love to see in primetime for varying reasons. Could these three matchups be must-see primetime TV for the 2024 NFL Season?

2024 NFL Schedule Release: 3 games that must be in primetime
Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Yes, the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers will face each other in Denver for the 2024 NFL Season. This is going to be an electric matchup. The Broncos, two years ago, sent a haul of picks and players to land Russell Wilson, and after just 30 starts in the orange and blue, Wilson got cut as the Broncos plan on eating an NFL-record $85 million in dead cap.

It was an unceremonious ending for Wilson, who surely hoped that he'd finish his career with the Broncos. Denver is also paying nearly $40 million in 2024 for him to not play on the team, and to add to this, the Broncos are likely to start rookie QB Bo Nix in 2024.

So it could be a revenge game for both sides, and while it's not a matchup of two juggernauts, it has to be in primetime.

Houston Texans vs. Buffalo Bills

The Houston Texans will host the Buffalo Bills during the 2024 season, and it's a tale of two different teams. The Texans are riding the wave of the stud quarterback on the rookie contract, and they've truly made some all-in type moves this offseason, which included trading for former Bills WR, Stefon Diggs.

For the Bills, though, their rookie-QB-contract days are over with Josh Allen, as they've had to shed some veteran salaries this offseason and appear to be in for a bit of a re-tooling year, bringing in younger and cheaper players. Right now, I don't think it's close; the Texans are the far better team with the better QB, but regardless, this game could be a potential playoff matchup, so it has to be on primetime.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

A matchup that the NFL has become used to seeing on the big stage, the 49ers and Chiefs will face each other in 2024, as KC will travel to California for the game. For obvious reasons, the NFL should ensure that this game is in primetime, and it again could be a potential Super Bowl matchup.

The 2019 and 2023 Super Bowls featured the Niners and the Chiefs, and KC has won both. Kyle Shanahan has to be beside himself, and perhaps he can get an pre-playoff look at the Chiefs, as there is no reason to believe that the two cannot meet for the third time in the Super Bowl in 2024.