2024 NFL Season: Predicting new starting quarterbacks

As the 23'-24' NFL season comes to a close, some teams are looking for a change at QB. Whether it be due to a lack of talent or an absence of rapport, these teams are prepared to sever the ties and discover a new solution.
Russell Wilson and Justin Fields exchange words postgame
Russell Wilson and Justin Fields exchange words postgame / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Las Vegas Raiders

2023 Week 1 Starter: Jimmy Garoppolo | 2024 Week 1 Starter: Michael Penix Jr.

Jimmy G, no. Aiden O'Connell, no. Michael Penix Jr.? It's worth a shot. Much like Caleb Williams, Penix offers that playmaking, creativity aspect that NFL team's need from their quarterback, just not quite at Williams' level. As Penix's injury concerns cause him to slide down draft boards, Las Vegas could be looking to cash in on his bad fortune.

It's still up in the air what round Penix will go in. Pittsburgh could reach at pick 20 to give the Steelers and new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith a replacement for Kenny Pickett. Las Vegas owns the 13th pick in the draft, a spot that's too high to reach for a remaining QB, but too low to acquire any of the big name prospects. All Las Vegas can do is cross their fingers and hope Penix falls to the second round.