2025 NFL mock draft: Full first-round mock with league-altering trades

Here is our latest 2025 NFL Mock Draft!
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15. Jacksonville Jaguars - Kelvin Banks Jr. - OT - Texas

It seems like the Jacksonville Jaguars are always trying to figure out their tackle situation.  Will they finally get it right for 2025?  They’ll take Kelvin Banks Jr from Texas with their first-round pick, and perhaps Banks can help solidify the bookends of this offensive line.  The interior OL seems fine with Ezra Cleveland, Mitch Morse, and Brandon Scherff, but the tackles just need to be stabilized.

Keeping Trevor Lawrence upright is a huge priority, as they did recently make him the highest-paid QB in the NFL, tied with Joe Burrow.  Lawrence and Burrow’s deals pay them $55 million per season.  In what was a bit of a shock to see T-Law get that kind of paper, he also is going to need protected for the long-term.

16. Cleveland Browns - Denzel Burke - CB - Ohio State

The Cleveland Browns could have another top cornerback named Denzel.  The Browns are an interesting team - there might not be five more talented rosters than the Browns in the entire NFL, but they clearly are not an elite team.  The QB situation is just incredibly up in the air with Deshaun Watson.

If Watson can figure himself out, the Browns will be cooking with grease for years to come, but Watson has looked quite bad during his first two seasons with the team.  For now, though, the Browns will focus in on beefing up the defense more, so they will take Denzen Burke from Ohio State in the first round of the 2025 NFL Draft.

The Browns enjoyed a late-career surge from Joe Flacco of all people last year. Flacco helped them earn a playoff spot, where they were blown out in the Wild Card round. This team could truly be a problem if Deshaun Watson can play well.