2025 NFL mock draft: Full first round mock with outrageous trades

Let's do a 2025 NFL mock draft that includes trades!
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Yes, the 2025 NFL Draft is nearly a year away, but that won't stop us from putting a mock draft together with some trading involved. Does mock draft season ever stop? It doesn't seem like it. The 2024 NFL Draft rookies haven't even played in a regular season game before, yet here we go with the 2025 mock drafts.

The 2025 NFL Draft class does not seem to be nearly as strong at the QB position as the 2024 class, but the offensive side of the ball could still dominate the first round. It does seem somewhat clear which teams could end up picking quite high in the 2025 NFL Draft. Let's try to put together a first-round mock draft for 2025 with some trading involved.

2025 NFL mock draft: Full first round mock with outrageous trades
1. Carolina Panthers - Carson Beck, QB, Georgia

If the Carolina Panthers are indeed picking first overall in the 2025 NFL Draft, you have to figure that second-year QB Bryce Young does not develop, and seeing as the previous regime in Carolina drafted Young, there is nothing to stop them from moving on after just two seasons. Young has serious size concerns and even though last year was not his fault, he still wasn't good.

2. Tennessee Titans - Shedeur Sanders, QB, Colorado

The Tennessee Titans loaded up on offense this offseason, so the unit is just about ready for a new rookie quarterback if Will Levis doesn't pan out, and I do not think they would hesitate to draft a new QB at two if they had the chance. Shedeur Sanders could end up being the best QB in the 2025 NFL Draft.

3. New England Patriots - Luther Burden, WR, Missouri

It would not surprise me to see Drake Maye, the Patriots 2024 rookie QB, sit for the entire 2024 season. If that is the case, or if Maye simply does not play a lot, the Patriots would not take a QB again, but instead should target a WR like Luther Burden, who is going to be the best WR in the 2025 class.

4. Indianapolis Colts (via DEN) - Will Johnson, CB, Michigan

The Indianapolis Colts trade up from the teens with the Denver Broncos and take the best CB expected to be in the 2025 NFL Draft class. The Colts have built quite the team, and if they are originally picking in the teens, second-year QB Anthony Richardson probably showed more than enough to be excited about 2025.